The Therapy of Textiles
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The Therapy of Textiles

TEXTILE  tɛkstʌɪl/ noun plural noun: textiles a type of cloth or woven fabric. “a fascinating range of pottery, jewellery, and textiles” synonyms: fabric, cloth, material, “hand-printed textiles” I recall my first encounter with textiles. I was around ten, and was helping my Mother tidy up the leftover fabric scraps scattered around her sewing machine. Here I would take every opportunity to collect (other’s would … Continue reading

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Masala Zone. Covent Gardens, London

Whilst I visited London I went to a Indian restaurant called Masala Zone located in Covent Gardens. Having been inspired by the Eastern influence in there interior, I chose to use this as my main inspiration point for my textile print project. What I loved about this restaurant was how they had the puppets hanging … Continue reading