Thank you for visiting my blog. 

My name is ZAHRA, from Staffordshire, England.

O r g i n a l l y , I started this blog five years ago as an online

JOURNAL documenting my design projects and inspiration. Whilst

studying my design degree I decided to utilise my skills and

passion for creativity, to help and empower others by pursuing a

career in Art Therapy. Since then, I use this blog to document my

journey as an Art Therapist, and share my thoughts and

experiences working with vulnerable individuals from around the




C O N T A C T  –  zahraakthar@outlook.com

*PLEASE NOTE: all photographs/images/artwork are copyright protected 2018. Any photographs or artwork shared on this blog will have been given permisson to be shared. 






2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog and art are amazing. As a designer myself, I love seeing what else people are creating. It’s great to look back and see all you’ve already accomplished!

    I don’t know if you do/like such things, but since I was nominated to one, I wanted to keep it going and share with even more people really good hidden gems. So I’ve nominated you to a liebster award! I really enjoy reading your blog, and hope you keep the chain going.


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