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Transitioning from university student to professional

As I sit writing this post, the same spot where I have written nearly all my university assignments my education has come to a close as I embark on my career as an Art Psychotherapist. Having been a student for the last 8 years, I have been reading some books to help me with this transitional period of leaving the safety net of education, and beginning life as a self-employed professional (scary!).

I’m fortunate to have found a profession which allows me to combine my passion for creativity and helping others together. I personally think it is crucial to LOVE what you do, as this is what will motivate you everyday to be your personal best. One book which I am currently finding useful is titled: LITTLE BLACK BOOK a toolkit for working women BY Otegha Uwagba. Given that I usually gravitate towards visual books, I found this to be an easy read. It’s the perfect ‘advice book’ it’s short, it’s concise and straight to the point with practical advice and tips on topics ranging from: maximising your productivity, importance of personal branding, freelancing etc . . . which has really helped inform the next chapter in my work/life/career. Buy the book here. 

 Z a h r a 

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